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Hocus Focus is a short puzzle platforming game where you play as a young witch working in a potion shop; she has a hard day of work ahead of her, and its your job to finish the potions before time runs out!

Manoeuvre your way through the potion shop, avoiding pesky rats and other obstacles as you collect a variety of ingredients to complete the potions. 

With 15 different levels to complete, Hocus Focus is a simple, light-hearted game that anyone can play!


Hocus Focus.zip 3 MB


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Rooftiles 10/10 ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Hehehe thank you! (人◕ω◕)

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I really enjoyed playing through this game. That black orb really caught me off-guard, interesting mechanic!

Thank you so much!! ^D^ I'm glad you found it interesting! :D

Really cute game, nice movement and graphics!! :D

Thank you so much Seb!! \^D^/

Really shallow game; there's not a good variety of obstacles/challenges and the game takes too long to introduce ingredients that hinder you. Lovely graphics, though.

Thank you for the feedback! I did start wondering that myself, unfortunately I was under a bit of time pressure so I wasn't able to revisit it in the end - I'll keep that in mind in the future ^u^

Excellent game. 6 out of 5 stars. 5 for the game and an extra for the outstanding art. Too bad I could only mark 5/5 on my rating. I particularly enjoyed turning in the magic orb in the chest.

I'll be waiting for a sequel or a larger title with the allergic-to-all potionmaker witch. 


Oh wow thank you for such a lovely comment!! \^D^/ Perhaps someday if I ever found the time I might consider making one, although I can't promise anything! However it makes me incredibly happy to know that you enjoyed it, thank you again!


Gorgeous art! The witch is very cute, and the pastel pink style really holds together. This game is a treasure to look at.

It was always nice to see new ingredients, and guess what container they'd be kept in. I liked the later levels with the crystal and the weird orb.

Randomising the ingredients each time is an interesting choice. It kept things unpredictable, and sometimes it was very easy to hit the time limit because the RNG gave me nearby ingredients five times in a row. It works well.

The art is lovely.

Thank you so much! I considered having a set order of ingredients for each level, however I was unfortunately short on time so didn't get the chance to revisit it - but I'm glad that you seemed to think it worked well regardless! ^u^ I'm also really happy that you liked the artwork, thank you so much for your comment!


Hey! Played through this on my channel. Very cute little game!

Oh my gosh this is so awesome!! ^D^ Seeing this made my day, and your commentary was so funny, thank you for taking the time to play through it all! \^D^/